Ramblings of a Writer: Easter

Easter many years ago...
Easter many years ago…

Easter is a bittersweet time for me. Two years ago, my grandfather passed away the day before Easter. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, but no one thought it would be “that day,” if that makes sense.

I am lucky in many ways. It’s very unusual for a person to be in their twenties before losing their first grandparent. I still have three grandparents who are alive and I am grateful for that.

Grandpa Bob, as I called him, was a great man. He was the kind of person who made friends wherever he went. That’s a quality that I admire because it’s not as easy for me.

When I’d visit him in the hospital, all of the nurses would tell me how much they loved him. People didn’t love him because he was charming. People loved him because he was genuine. He’d ask you about your day and really care about your answer. It’s easy to spot fake people, and he certainly wasn’t one.

I didn’t burst into tears when I heard that he had passed away. I think it took me two days before I cried. Not everyone reacts to situations the same way, and that’s okay. I think of him often, and wish he could celebrate with us tomorrow.

I don’t often write about personal matters on this blog, but I want to write about things that matter. He matters to me and to everyone else who loved him.

If you celebrate Easter, I hope you’re having a great day.

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