Ramblings of a Writer: Blogging and My Job

There’s so much to write about, but lately I feel like I’ve been pulling my hair out just to sit down and write an entry. I have about 20 blog posts planned, but no time to write them.

I do write and blog every day though. I’m a “social media assistant,” which basically means that I blog and maintain the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. I also write content for the company’s website, communicate with people on web forums, and keep up on the latest news in technology, the environment, and social media.

So why do I keep up this blog when I write all of the time anyway? To be honest, I don’t want to lose myself as a writer. I love to just sit and write anything that comes to my mind, like I’m doing now. I also like to write about social media and books–it’s fun!

I’m also quite fond of this blog, because I doubt I would have been considered for so many writing jobs without it.

On a side note, I really should update my website (http://amyerickson.net) with my new job information and a current photograph. Even though I’m not be looking for a job right now, I like having an online portfolio to direct people to. And who knows, maybe someday I’ll have some time to squeeze in some freelance writing.

Well, this post is neither edited nor particularly well-written, but I’m going to post it anyway so I can get something up before I fall asleep on my keyboard.

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