Playing with Focus & Color

Playing with

I’m a firm believer that photo editing apps and programs should be used to enhance a photo, not to make a bad photo good.

That said, I have fun playing with photo editing apps on my iPhone. It’s fun to see what a few simple adjustments can do to an otherwise mediocre photo.

Original Photo


This is the original photo, taken on my iPhone 5 with no editing or filters. I saw potential in it due to the angle of the photo. When it comes to iPhone photography, composition is key.

Enhanced Focus & Color Levels


Here is an enhanced version of the photo. I used the Big Lens app to adjust the focus, and the Snapseed app to adjust the color levels and contrast.

Instagram Filters


When I upload photos to Instagram, I like to flip through the filters to see if anything appeals to me. In this case, I thought the Inkwell filter gave the photo an interesting vibe. (Also, I’m a sucker for black and white photography.)

What are your favorite photo editing apps for the iPhone?

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