On Writing…

I’m not a writer because I went to journalism school, did writing internships, or spend an insane amount of time writing about electronics recycling and the environment. I’m a writer because I can’t imagine not writing.

For me, it’s a form of sanity. We’ve all had those nights when it’s impossible to sleep because there is just too much to think about. For me, writing is one of the few things that lets me stop thinking. Once I’m in the “zone,” the words just flow and I don’t have to think about it too much. Maybe that’s why I do my best writing at 2 a.m. when I’m sleep deprived and just a little insane . . .

5 thoughts on “On Writing…

  1. . . . being an insomniac has its benefits. :-)

    Writing keeps me sane, too. I swear its an outlet that lets me empty all of the clutter out of my brain. It’s just like cleaning out a closet in a spring cleaning binge! I always feel better when its done and I can usually look at what I’ve done and feel accomplished.

    Great post! :-)

  2. I find a strange disposition to writing in godless hours of the morning. It puzzles me to no ends and is extremely distressing since, at the moment, the mere thought of staying up later than midnight sends me into a depressing downward spiral. I suppose this is what that famous puberty is all about, hm?
    Oh yes, and by the way, though I’ve only read this one post, you’re blog looks impressively interesting (the fact that you have Tumblr is even more in your favor) and I suppose I will devote the rest of my evening to find out if my assumption is correct. Either way, I’ll start with following you. It would be more than my fussy nerves could bear if you would deign to follow me back.
    Lovingly, a fellow insomniac

    1. Though I would have let it lie, the fact that I used ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’ is unbearable. I’m very sorry.

    2. I agree. It can be puzzling. For me, I think it’s that I’m a night owl and that it’s easier for me to be creative when it’s late. I always regret it when I go to work exhausted the next day though!

      I’m glad you like my blog and Tumblr :-) It’s kind of random, I seem to write about whatever interests me at the time. I followed you on Tumblr, it looks like you post some great stuff too.

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