Digital Books

Yesterday, I was thinking about e-readers. “Wouldn’t it be nice,” I thought, “if I could just take an e-reader with me to read on my lunch break?”

As it is, I debate each morning on whether I want to read a book, bring a magazine, read the paper, or take my iPod touch to catch up on my Google Reader. I usually go for the book.

I was a journalism major in school. I love print magazines, books, and newspapers. There’s nothing like the feel, or even the smell of them. For the record, my dream home has its own library.

The thing is, I’m also a very fast reader. Earlier this week, I read a 300-page book on two lunch breaks. One year on a family vacation, I made my parents take me to a bookstore because I finished all four of my books before the week was over. Situations like this is where I would love to have an e-reader. Lugging around multiple books just gets annoying!

So what wins? The portability of an e-reader or the joy of an old-fashioned book? I just don’t know.

My problem is solved for now though– I can’t afford an e-reader anyway. At least not until I find and settle into an apartment. Then I’ll know how much I can afford to spend on things I don’t strictly need.

Do you have an e-reader? Which one? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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