The Keeper of the Balance – A Prologue

This is a very rough draft to the prologue of something I’ve been working on…

Death is a mere technicality. At least for Sam. When you are immortal and can travel between alternate realities, death doesn’t mean a thing.

But this story isn’t about Sam. Sam is simply one of the Keepers who can travel between these alternate realities and change things, keeping the Balance in check. The Balance is a complicated thing. Some humans are born with a destiny to accomplish, but die before they can complete the mission. This throws the universe off kilter. These souls can go back and complete the mission, but one can’t travel through time, only through alternate dimensions.

It all started when Sam was strolling through the Underworld, in the Field of the Lost Souls. A woman in her early twenties caught his eye. All she had to do was look at him—really look at him—and he knew that she was the one he was looking for.